3/16 – Are George Mason Players Really Injured?

During a radio interview this morning on The Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan in DC, George Mason Coach Jim Larranaga, was asked about the injuries and status of two George Mason players who left practice early with apparent injuries.  Larranaga avoided answering the question about injuries and in “coach-speak” said everyone was essentially ready to go for Friday’s game.  The Patriots, who were preparing for Friday’s NCAA tournament game against Villanova, had Andre Cornelius (averaging 9.9 points) limp off with a trainer, and Luke Hancock (averaging 10.7 points ) was wheeled off on a rolling office chair with the shoe removed from his left foot.  Given how nearly all the basketball analysts have picked the higher seeded Patriots to defeat the Wildcats, there is speculation that these injuries are being greatly exaggerated so that Mason can be viewed as a wounded underdog and not as a seasoned favorite.  Such moves would not be above any coach trying to get an edge, particularly a crafty veteran coach like Larranaga who has probably seen every trick in the book.

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